Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chasing Oregon Rainbows

A handful of shots from my weekend trip to southern Oregon. Off-and-on rain, sleet, and snow made for picturesque skies, pools, and rainbows:

Enroute to Upper Table Rock

Atop the plateau

Table Rock vernal pools...

...plus pretty clouds

Old friends atop Roxy Ann Peak, above the Rogue River Valley

Lower Volume

Clearly I've reduced the flow of traffic these days. If you're looking for an alternative, I highly recommend Igor Shpilenok's pages. This is flat out some of the best nature photography I've ever seen.

He also has a blog. It's in Russian. Those fortunate enough to read Cyrillic, congrats. Otherwise, the pictures alone are incredible. Check out the foxes posted just today!

Photo: Igor Shpilenok